Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All Natural Energy

As a female cyclist who loves to ride with the boys, I need high and sustainable energy. I am eager to try this all natural alternative and will report back on my personal findings.

Raisins have been shown to be a great alternative to sports gels in studies of endurance athletes as pre-exercise feedings for short-term bouts, under two different conditions. Eight cyclists (4 men and 4 women) participated in two feeding-performance trials where changes in metabolism and cycling performance were compared after consumption of raisins v commercial sports gels. There were no differences in performance in the 45 minute cycling trial (at 70% VO2max). Raisins subtly, but favorably, improved metabolism. Study authors concluded that raisins have similar to performance effects to commercial sports gets, but raisings are a better alternative since they provide more micronutrients, and are most cost-effective.

For the full report, including above information, click on the below link.

All Natural Recipes

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